5 Seater Hot Tub


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5 Seat Weekend Sterling Hot Tub
Total Number of Jets: 36
Fountain Jets: 2
Lower Massage Jets: 2
Total Number of Bathers: 5
Lounger: 1
Seats: 4
Water Volume: 713L
Easy Four Control Panel - Equipped with the very latest solid state control system for total reliability and ease of use.
Calf Massage - All of the latest models have calf massage as a standard function. The ergonomic design of the jets ensures perfect relaxation for your leg muscles.
Step in - Safe step-in at any time. Stepping in and out is more comfortable than ever before. The ribbed surface makes your moves safe in order to avoid slipping.
Lower Massage - Anti-cellulite massage: providing the ultimate massage experience, thanks to the ergonomically designed massage jets located on the lower sides of the seats.
Chromotherapy - The exclusive on-demand colour therapy moodlighting, includes 14 water line led lights within the bathing area.
Dimensions: 2150 x 1900 x 850mm