Pratleys Puttey


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Approx 125g. 
Putty is easily moldable and can be moulded to any shape e.g gear knobs, pot handles, screwdriver handle etc. Sets very hard even if used under water.
Ideal for use underwater. 
Product has been used to repair sunken ships prior to re-floating them. 
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 
Suitable for use on metals, cement, concrete, stone, glass, slate, wood and most other rigid materials. 
Withstands most chemicals, mild alkalines, oil and petrol. 
Suggested uses include repairing water leaks and cracked concrete swimming pools; mending broken roof tiles & cement garden furniture; emergency repairs to metal works; to seal metal water tanks, gutters, petrol tanks and fuel lines; repair leaking Welsh plugs on engines and broken vehicle engine sumps or radiators; mend chipped and broken wash basins and toilets.